Progress in 2013: Workshops and community-building for allies

We’re reposting sections from our mid-year progress report for 2013. Read the entire report here.

Valerie Aurora speaking at AdaCamp DC

CC-BY-SA Adam Novak

In 2013, we expanded our work educating and supporting allies – people who support women in open tech/culture but aren’t women themselves. The Ada Initiative Allies Workshop focuses on what individual people can do to make their workplace or community a better, more positive place for women. We started the Allies Workshop program in 2011 and have continued to improve and grow it every year. The Allies Workshop has been run three times in 2013 so far: at Everyone Hacks San Francisco, the Wikimedia Foundation, and the Allies Track of AdaCamp San Francisco. We recently posted a professionally recorded and captioned video of the Allies Workshop.

This year we ran the first Allies Track, a one-day meeting for allies of women in open tech/culture to get to know each other, share best practices, and make plans for the future, held in conjunction with AdaCamp San Francisco. About 20 allies of all genders attended, along with several dozen visitors from the AdaCamp main track. Attendee Jeff Pollet wrote, “It was […] nice to be surrounded by a bunch of smart men advocating for feminism in tech.”

What’s next? The Ada Initiative is growing the Allies Workshops into a core program and expanding the number of workshops we teach. To find out more about holding the allies workshop for your project or organization, see our Allies workshop page. We are also in the early stages of developing a training program for workshop facilitators, to train others to deliver the workshop. We also plan to expand the Allies Track at the next AdaCamp.