Progress in 2013: Community campaigns

We’re reposting sections from our mid-year progress report for 2013. Read the entire report here.

Piles of lanyards in each of red, yellow and green. By Flore Allemandou CC BY-SA.

AdaCamp SF lanyards, by Flore Allemandou CC BY-SA

The Ada Initiative has written multiple online campaigns and editorials this year, encouraging communities to support women in open technology and culture by carefully considering the role that sexual topics have at technical events and advertising any such material thoughtfully and respectfully to those who don’t wish to encounter it; and encouraging event organizers to have photography policies at conferences that restrict non-consensual photography.

The Ada Initiative also participated in the #banboothbabes campaign, arguing that using sexualized booth staff at trade shows sends the message that women aren’t the intended customers of technical businesses; and encouraged panelists at conferences to pledge not to appear on panels without women on them.

What’s next? We will continue to keep an eye out for emerging issues and help boost campaigns led by others, as well as start our own campaigns. Your support through speaking up in your community is crucial to the kind of culture change we’re working for.