Progress in 2013: Press appearances and speaking engagements

We’re reposting sections from our mid-year progress report for 2013. Read the entire report here.

Mary and Valerie laughing

CC-BY-SA Adam Novak

In 2013, the Ada Initiative became a go-to resource for journalists wanting to know more about the problems facing women in open technology and culture, both in the tech press and the mainstream media. In March, Valerie Aurora discussed the firing of Adria Richards in Slate, writing that:

one thing we can agree on is that the massive onslaught of rape and death threats [directed at Richards]… was wrong… It’s up to us to change the culture of consequence-free online harassment.

In June, we reached one million readers of the U.S. print edition of Marie Claire in “When Geeks Attack” by veteran feminist journalist Alissa Quart, writing:

… Thanks to the anonymity of the Internet, fueled by a dogmatic belief that all speech is free speech, [Internet attackers] have made the very act of being a woman in the industry something of an occupational hazard.

Valerie was interviewed on Minnesota Public Radio in July about the problem of harassment of women in technology and what to do about.

Valerie also spoke at several events in 2013. She appeared as an invited speaker at Fórum Internacional Software Livre in Brazil, moderated the good news on diversity in open source panel at Open Source Bridge, appeared as a panelist in the Gender & Technology open forum in San Francisco. She was also invited to be the keynote speaker at the first Ada Lovelace conference in October 2013.