Schwag done right: the Ada Lovelace pendant

One of the founding principles of the Ada Initiative (besides supporting women in open tech/culture) was no crappy schwag. Schwag is random logo-bearing promotional items like rickety pens, ugly water bottles, and the occasional lip gloss. Most schwag goes straight in the trash. Personally, I’ve thrown away too many neon-green foam beer cozies to be party to producing yet another useless piece of schwag doomed for the landfill.

Ada Lovelace pendant

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So we’re thrilled that people love our Ada Lovelace pendant. It’s a glass cabochon about 1 in. (2.59 cm) long, featuring our modern black and white version of Ada Lovelace’s portrait. I’m pretty sure zero of these pendants have gone into the trash!

You can get an Ada Lovelace pendant by donating $128 one-time or $10/month to the 2013 Ada Initiative fundraising drive today. The funds we raise by August 31 will determine what we can do in the following year to support women in open source, Wikipedia, open hardware, and similar areas: working for community codes of conduct, teaching Allies Workshops, and running the AdaCamp unconference for women, to name just a few. Thank you for doing your part to support women in open technology and culture!

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