First matching donation challenge: $500 from PalominoDB

PalominoDB logoOur first matching donation challenge comes from a woman-led open source services company! PalominoDB provides ongoing operational support and professional services around MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Cassandra with a focus on open-source technologies. Palomino also provides full stack support in in virtualized and cloud environments.

PalominoDB will match up to $500 of donations to the Ada Initiative in the next 24 hours, until 3pm PDT August 20th (22:00 UTC August 20).

Update: Our donors met the entire match within 5 hours! Thank you to PalominoDB, Pamela Chestek, Annalee Flower Horne, Robin Zebrowski, and two Anonymous Donors for raising $1000 to support women in open technology and culture. (You can still donate, of course!)

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A woman wearing glasses and smiling slightly

Laine Campbell, PalominoDB CEO

PalominoDB CEO Laine Campbell says, “Palomino supports the Ada Initiative because they are a woman-owned non-profit that is always striving to bring more women into their technology, support and leadership teams. As CEO, I’ve experienced the challenges of breaking into tech as a woman, as well as encouraged other women to grow, contribute and participate in the technical ecosystem. We’re excited to support and contribute to the Ada Initiative with its focus on open source community and technology.”

We are thrilled to be partnering with PalominoDB to support women business owners and founders. Our Impostor Syndrome training program helps women more accurately judge their abilities, and our AdaCamp unconference introduces women to other open tech/culture entrepreneurs and potential co-founders.

Join PalominoDB and Ada Initiative in supporting women in open source, open data, and other areas of open tech/culture! Donate now:

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