Puppet Labs is giving away 5 free tickets to PuppetConf for women in IT/ops/sysadmin, applications close 9am August 20th PDT

Puppetconf 2013: Join us in San Francisco August 22-23 at the Fairmont Hotel in San FranciscoLong-time Ada Initiative sponsor Puppet Labs is offering 5 free tickets to PuppetConf to women in systems administration, operations, or IT roles. PuppetConf focuses on automating systems administration through the open source Puppet systems configuration software. PuppetConf is this Thursday and Friday, August 22 – 23, 2013, in San Francisco, California.

PuppetConf also includes a women’s breakfast, 8am to 9am on Friday morning, where you can meet other women interested in systems administration. It is open to all self-identified women attending PuppetConf. Ada Initiative executive director Valerie Aurora will be attending the breakfast and looks forward to meeting all of you!

To apply, please fill out the application form before 9am August 20th, Pacific time. Update: We awarded 8 tickets in all! Thank you so much, Puppet Labs!

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