We've raised almost $70,000 for women in open tech/culture, help us raise $30,000 more!

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CC-BY-SA Adam Novak

We’re doing it – with your help, we’ve raised almost $70,000 towards our goal of $100,000 to support women in open technology and culture! We’ve already made big strides for women in open technology and culture during the last 2.5 years. Our goal for 2013 and 2014 is to grow our most effective programs so that they directly impact thousands of lives: run several AdaCamp unconferences every year, expand our Impostor Syndrome training, and teach dozens of Allies Workshops. With your help, we can do it!

We still need to raise just over $30,000 by Saturday, August 31st to fund our 2013-2014 programs. You can help, by telling your friends why you support the Ada Initiative. You can post on Twitter, Facebook, or G+, send an email to a women in tech group or a work mailing list, or write a short blog post. It can be fun to tell your story about why you support the Ada Initiative. Don’t be nervous – many of our supporters tell us they were overwhelmed by the positive response to their stories from their friends, co-workers, and family!

Here are some ideas for what to tell people about:

For more sample tweets, donation button HTML, and similar, see our spread the word page.

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Thank you so much for being part of the movement to make open technology and culture more welcoming to women! And thank you to our 2013 donors so far (listed by permission):

Adam C. Foltzer
Alan Coopersmith
Alex Gaynor
Alex Payne
Amanda Skellenger
Amber June Blahnik
Amelia Greenhall
Amy Hendrix
Andrea J. Horbinski
Annalee Flower Horne
Autumn Reinhardt-Simpson
Ben Combee
Betsy Haibel
Brenda Moon
Brian DeRocher
Brion Vibber
Britta Gustafson
Bro. Dave Lister
Carl Trachte
Carol Willing
Caroline Simard
Chris Ford
Chris Minn
Christine Spang
Colleen Penrowley
Dana Caulder
Daniel Ross
Daniel Trembath
David Comay
Deb Nicholson
Decklin Foster
Denys Howard
Dorothea Salo
Dwayne Litzenberger
Eirik Nilsen
Elizabeth Lorang
Elizabeth Ragavanis
Esa Vesalainen
Ethan Glasser-Camp
Fredrik Larsson
Gayle Karen Young
Greg Hilliard
Heath Anderson
Heidi Cautrell
Holden Karau
India Amos
Isobel Hadley-Kamptz
Jack Moffitt
James E. Pace
James Turnbull
Jane Hammons
Jason Thibeault
Jean Kaplansky
Jed Hartman
jen smith
Jenny Dybedahl
Jim Blandy
Justin Husted
Kaitlin Devine
Kalina Wilson
Katherine Scott
Katie Bechtold
Kellie Brownell
Kevin S. Clarke
Kim Stone
Kim Varnell
Kimberly Munoz
Kris Howard
Kristal Pollack
Kristina Kerr Bergman
Kurt Van Etten
Larissa Shapiro
Laura Dragan
Lord Darkraven Fierce-Eyes
Louis Wasserman and Jennifer Mace
Mackenzie Morgan
Marcus J. Ranum
Marina Zhurakhinskaya
Mark Pilgrim
Marta Maria Casetti
Matt Zimmerman
Maximilian Klein
Meg Molloy
Meredith Tupper
Michael Marineau
Michelle Yaiser
Mike & Claire Shaver
Nathan Bosch
Nóirín Plunkett
Pam Chestek
Paul A.
Peter van Hardenberg
Pierre Phaneuf
PZ Myers, for Skatje Myers
Quim Gil
Rachel Chalmers
Raucous Indignation
Reed Mangino
Robin L. Zebrowski
Rosita Ty Derecho
Sally Ahnger
Sarah Sharp
Scott Rosenberg
Selena Deckelmann
Steve Adamczyk
Susan Tan
Tammy Anderson
Tanya Reilly
Tim Chevalier
Tim Johnson (tojo2000)
Tom Smith
Tyler Laing
Victoria Zenoff Career Strategies
Will Thompson