Generous Googlers give to support women in open source

Smiling woman in front of many flowers

Alice Boxhall

Google employees are the largest sponsor of the Ada Initiative’s work to support women in open source, donating over $30,000 between our founding in January 2011 and July 2013. (That’s just counting the money from Googlers who registered for matching donation requests from Google – the real total is higher.) We’re overwhelmed by the generosity of Googlers across the world and honored to be doing work they care about.

In 2011, Googler Alice Boxhall inspired the Sydney Google Women Engineers to pool their money and donate a total of $1024 to the Ada Initiative’s Seed 100 campaign. This year, Alice helped raise more than $7000 from fellow Googlers. Her challenge? If 10 more Googlers joined her and donated $512 or more by August 31st, they would receive a print of an Ada Lovelace comic signed by the author, Kate Beaton. Yesterday, the 10th donor signed on, with a donation of $2048!

Donate nowYou can join these 11 Googlers by donating now to support our work for women in open technology and culture!

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Tyler Breisacher

Here are the Googlers who answered Alice’s challenge (and gave us permission to list their names):

And 4 more donors who wished to remain anonymous. Other Googlers who donated and gave us permission to list their names are Pierre Phaneuf, Jed Hartman, Sara Smollett, and aimeeble.

Smiling man in blue shirt

Eric Grosse

Louis Wasserman donated because “The Ada Initiative is one of the most prominent organizations dealing with the serious and real problems for women in computing today.” Google VP of Security Engineering, Eric Grosse, notes that the “Google Security Team has been blessed with outstanding women over the years and we’re eager for more.

Now they just have to figure out where to hang the print! We hope Alice is as good at resolving conflicts as she is at fundraising.

Thank you to everyone who has donated, whether you gave $5 or $5000. Every donation helps support women in open technology and culture for another year! Please give now to make our 2013 fundraising drive a success. And don’t forget to apply for employer donation matching!

Thank you to our donors to our 2013 fundraising campaign so far (listed by permission):

Ada Lavee Fox
Adam C. Foltzer
Adam DiCarlo
Alan Coopersmith
Alex Gaynor
Alex Payne
Alison Cichowlas
Allison Morris
Amanda Skellenger
Amber June Blahnik
Amelia Greenhall
Amy Hendrix
Amy Rich
Andrea J. Horbinski
Andy Dirnberger
Annalee Flower Horne
Autumn Reinhardt-Simpson
Barbara Hui
Ben Chapman
Ben Combee
Betsy Haibel
Brad Montgomery
Brenda Moon
Brian DeRocher
Brian Kung
Brian Neal
Brian Nisbet
Brion Vibber
Britta Gustafson
Bro. Dave Lister
Carl Trachte
Carol Willing
Caroline Simard
Chris Ford
Chris McDonough
Chris Minn
Chris Tierney
Christine Spang
Colleen Penrowley
CV Harquail
Dana Caulder
Daniel Lindsley
Daniel Quinn (@searchingfortao)
Daniel Ross
Daniel Trembath
David Comay
Deb Nicholson
Decklin Foster
Denys Howard
Derek Willis
Dominic Mazzoni
Dorothea Salo
Dwayne Litzenberger
Eirik Nilsen
Elizabeth Lorang
Elizabeth Ragavanis
Eric Grosse
Eric Palakovich Carr
Esa Vesalainen
Ethan Glasser-Camp
Fredrik Larsson
Gayle Karen Young
Glenn Siegman
Glenn Street
Greg Hilliard
Heath Anderson
Heidi Cautrell
Holden Karau
Holly French
Hooshyar Naraghi
Ian Bolf
India Amos
Isobel Hadley-Kamptz
Jack Moffitt
James E. Pace
James Turnbull
Jane Hammons
Jason Thibeault
Jean Kaplansky
Jed Hartman
Jeffrey Wear
jen smith
Jenny Dybedahl
Jenny Gardiner
Jerome D’Acquitaine
Jess Hamrick
Jim Blandy
Jiten Vaidya
Joe Murphy
John Bennetts
John Jacobsen
John McNamara
Julia Elman
Justin Husted
Kaitlin Devine
Kalina Wilson
Kalle, from Helsinki
Karl A. Krueger
Katherine Elliott
Katherine Scott
Katie Bechtold
Kellie Brownell
Kent Crispin
Kevin S. Clarke
Kim Stone
Kim Varnell
Kimberly Munoz
Kris Howard
Kristal Pollack
Kristina Kerr Bergman
Kurt Van Etten
Kym Maxham
Lacey Powers
Larissa Shapiro
Laura Dragan
Lisa Seeman
Lord Darkraven Fierce-Eyes
Louis Wasserman and Jennifer Mace
Luis Villa
Lynn Root
Mackenzie Morgan
Marcus J. Ranum
Marie Brennan
Marina Zhurakhinskaya
Marius Gedminas
Mark Pilgrim
Marta Maria Casetti
Matt Zimmerman
Maximilian Klein
Meg Molloy
Megan DiVall
Meredith Tupper
Merlin Havlik
Michael Marineau
Michelle Yaiser
Mike & Claire Shaver
Mistress of the Dorkness
Nancy E. Shaffer
Nathan Bosch
Nick Popoff
Nóirín Plunkett
Pam Chestek
Paul A.
Paul Bailey
Paul Smith
Peter Geoghegan
Peter van Hardenberg
Pierre Phaneuf
Preston Holmes
PZ Myers, for Skatje Myers
Quim Gil
Rachel Chalmers
Raucous Indignation
Reed Mangino
Robin L. Zebrowski
Rosita Ty Derecho
Ryan Kennedy
Sally Ahnger
Sarah Sharp
Scott Rosenberg
Selena Deckelmann
Shuying Liang
Siobhan McKeown
Stef Maruch
Steve Adamczyk
Susan Tan
Tammy Anderson
Tanya Reilly
Till Schneidereit
Tim Chevalier
Tim Johnson (tojo2000)
Tom Smith
Tyler Breisacher
Tyler Laing
Veronica Vergara
Victoria Zenoff Career Strategies
Will Thompson