Lincoln Loop makes $1000 matching donation challenge to support women in open source

Lincoln Loop logoLincoln Loop has just made a $1000 matching donation challenge to support women in Django, Python, and open source in general! This is our absolute LAST matching donation.1

Lincoln Loop is full service web studio offering user experience and development based on the Django Web Framework. Lincoln Loop also provides a variety of design, development, and testing services for mobile app development, a variety of web frameworks, and much more.

Lincoln Loop will match up to $1000 of donations to the Ada Initiative in the next 8 hours, until 4pm August 30th PDT (21:00 UTC August 30th). Donate now!

A smiling man wearing sunglasses

Peter Baumgartner

Lincoln Loop founder Peter Baumgartner says, “Open source software gave me the chance to found a company, to work with a great community of people in Django, and to lead the kind of life that makes me happy. At Lincoln Loop, we live where we like, set our own hours, and travel to fun places. Like Jacob Kaplan-Moss, I want everyone to have the same opportunity to be part of the open source community, whether they found their own company or dabble in it as a hobby. Lincoln Loop is proud to support women in open source by sponsoring the Ada Initiative.”

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Happy AdaCampers
CC BY-SA Adam Novak

When open source companies like Lincoln Loop step up and take concrete steps to support women in open source software, the whole open source community wins. We’re thrilled to partner with Lincoln Loop to continue our work bringing more women into open source. Our GitHub private repository giveaway helped over 500 women learn open source development without fear of harassment, and our AdaCamp unconference includes workshops to teach women how to write open source software.

Join Lincoln Loop and Ada Initiative in supporting women in open source, open data, and other areas of open tech/culture! Donate now:

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[1] Unless someone emails us out of the blue and has amazing turnaround time. Feel free to do that.