Welcome new Ada Initiative advisor, Nele Noppe

The Ada Initiative has a wonderful advisory board which gives us feedback on planned projects and our overall mission and strategy. We’re pleased to welcome a new advisor, Nele Noppe!

A woman with her chin on her hand, smilingNele Noppe is a Belgian fanfic writer, fan artist, and soon-to-graduate Japanese Studies PhD student. Her main interest is how fanworks fit into open culture, and she’s currently doing research on that by comparing how the production and distribution of Japanese fanworks resembles that of open source software. She’s an advocate for open access, collaborative knowledge creation, and using tech to make and spread research in new and exciting ways. Since 2012, she’s been working as a staff member of the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW), where she’s mainly involved with the Fanhackers project that aims to make sure important research and info on fan culture reaches the people who need to know about it – fans, academics, open culture activists, companies and so on. You can find her on twitter at @unjapanologist, and in many other spaces listed on her website.