Heroku sponsors Ada Initiative

Heroku logoWe’re thrilled to announce that Heroku is the newest Ada Initiative corporate sponsor! Contributing at the Bronze level, Heroku joins our other 2013 corporate sponsors: Heroku, Rackspace, Bloomberg, Dreamwidth, PalominoDB, Galois, and Lincoln Loop. These companies generously sponsor all of Ada Initiative’s work, including our work fighting harassment at conferences and online, running the AdaCamp conferences for women in open tech/culture, and teaching the Allies Workshop to people who want to support women in open tech/culture directly.

Heroku provides a cloud application platform for applications written in a variety of languages, including Python, Ruby, Java, and many more. Heroku supports many popular open source software services and tools, and uses open source software extensively. Improving the health and diversity of the open source community is important to Heroku for both practical and ethical reasons. As a practical step in that direction, in addition to supporting our efforts, Heroku has committed to not funding conferences that don’t have, and refuse to adopt, a code of conduct. Read more about Heroku’s work in this direction on their own blog.

Photograph of Matt Zimmerman

Matt Zimmerman, VP Platform Engineering

Matt Zimmerman, Heroku VP Platform Engineering and former Ada Initiative board member, was part of the team working on the new community code of conduct, aimed at reducing hostile and unwelcoming behavior in the open source software community. “The Ada Initiative has made great progress in providing templates and guidance to help address this problem, and I’m proud that my colleagues at Heroku want to make a difference too.”

Heroku is hiring for a variety of jobs, including working with open source software. Heroku and its parent company Salesforce is a Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. Heroku is working hard to create a supportive and positive working environment for everyone.