Guest post: Scholarships for women speakers at PuppetConf

This is a guest post by Dawn Foster, Director of Community at Puppet Labs, the leading provider of IT automation software for system administrators. Puppet Labs is a founding sponsor of Ada Initiative and a repeat sponsor of AdaCamp.

About 30 women smiling at the camera in a hotel ballroom

Women’s breakfast at PuppetConf 2013

With PuppetConf 2014 coming up on September 23 – 24 in San Francisco, we recently began accepting proposals for PuppetConf 2014 talks, and we would love to see more proposals from women this year! You can submit your talk proposal any time through March 18, 2014. [Ed. note: Feel like you aren’t good enough to speak at PuppetConf? Take our free online Impostor Syndrome training.]

To further encourage you to submit a proposal, we are offering a limited number of travel scholarships for female speakers who would like to receive help paying for travel to the event. This scholarship is for women who submit talk proposals that are accepted by the selection committee. All self-identified women are eligible to apply, and it’s as easy as checking the box on the call for papers submission form.

This is your chance to talk about all the interesting ways you are using Puppet technologies in your environment! We are looking for sessions that range from how-to information for beginners to advanced topics for experts, and everything in between. Talks are not limited to Puppet, either. We also want to have talks about related tools, DevOps culture, configuration management improvements, and other information about how to make working in operations a better experience. We have a big list of potential topics on the CFP submission form if you want a few more ideas about what we would like to see.

Here are some great sessions from last year if you want to get a better feel for the types of talks that we had at PuppetConf 2013.

You can watch all of the videos and see the presentations by visiting the PuppetConf 2013 video page.

Last year, we had a women’s breakfast, which was open to all self-identified women attending PuppetConf. When we do something similar this year, I hope to have a much larger group! You can be part of this year’s breakfast by submitting your talk. We hope you will encourage other women to propose talks too.

I hope to see many of you at PuppetConf 2014! Don’t forget that submissions are due by midnight PDT on March 18, 2014. But don’t wait for the last minute, submit your talk now.