"This was an amazing class": What people are saying about the Allies Workshop

CC BY-SA Adam NovakThe Allies Workshop goes beyond standard sexual harassment prevention training – “Here’s how to avoid getting sued” – to teach men how to actively create a culture that’s supportive of women. What’s special about the Ada Initiative’s workshop is that it teaches skills you can use both at work and in open tech/culture communities: open source software projects, Wikipedia, and similar areas. And we teach skills anyone can use. You don’t have to be Larry Page or Guido Van Rossum to make your company or community better for women.

The Ada Initiative taught 6 Allies Workshops in the last 6 months, and we have 3 more scheduled! We got some great feedback from our post-workshop surveys. The most frequent comment is “I wish the workshop was longer.” (It’s already 2 hours long!)

Here are some other nice things people have said about the workshop:

This was an amazing class. Great scenarios, great conversations. I really enjoyed not only the guided discussion, but break out conversations with co-workers were hugely enlightening. I’d love to have more honest and frank conversation along that line with [my colleagues].” – Joseph Bironas

“The most useful thing I got out of the class was the underlying notion of asserting and defending community values when responding to sexism, rather than addressing the responsible individual directly.” – Anonymous

A woman explains while a man listens“The women in our group brought up facets of the scenarios I had not considered, and we were able to consider a variety of responses to a variety of situations and discuss their strengths and drawbacks. Very practical and useful. I would highly recommend the workshop to all my thoughtful colleagues in technology leadership.– Marc Alvidrez

“I found the Allies Workshop gave me new tools to support people who may sometimes find it difficult to participate in the workplace. It also helped me to improve my understanding of the issues women and other visible minority communities can face in their daily lives and provided me with a framework for having supportive, honest and open conversations about them.– Peter van Hardenberg

Can we get more training like that?– Anonymous

We’ve taught the Allies Workshop at a variety of tech companies and conferences in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Raleigh-Durham in the U.S., and in Melbourne, Canberra, and Ballarat in Australia. We plan to teach it in Portland, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Seattle in the upcoming months. Contact us at contact@adainitiative.org to learn more about bringing this workshop to your company or conference.

For large companies who want to offer the workshop to their employees on an on-going basis, we also offer a “train-the-trainers” class on how to teach the workshop, complete with written instructor’s guide, example presentation with speaker notes, and video of an example workshop, as well as licensing rights to adapt and reuse the work under the CC BY-SA license. Contact us at contact@adainitiative.org to find out more, including testimonials and references.