Free Ally Skills Workshop for attendees of LinuxCon Chicago August 21

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Want to do your part in making the Linux community more welcoming to women and people of all sorts? Planning to attend this year’s LinuxCon NA in Chicago? Then you should sign up for the free Ada Initiative’s Ally Skills Workshop at LinuxCon, from 2:30pm to 5:30pm on Thursday, August 21st. Attendance is free to LinuxCon attendees (you must be registered for LinuxCon to attend).

The Ally Skills Workshop (formerly called the Allies Workshop) teaches men simple, everyday ways to support women in their workplace and communities, in an engaging, discussion-oriented format. After a brief introduction on basic principles of responding to sexism (choose your battles, practice simple responses, you don’t have to be funny, etc.), we discuss real-world scenarios and figure out ways to respond to them. Here’s one review:

Woman explaining while a man listens

Workshop discussion

This was an amazing class. Great scenarios, great conversations. I really enjoyed not only the guided discussion, but break out conversations with co-workers were hugely enlightening. I’d love to have more honest and frank conversation along that line with [my colleagues].” – Joseph Bironas

People love the practical focus and walk away with skills they can use right away:

“I’ve already witnessed a couple of incidents where coworkers who attended the workshop corrected themselves after saying something that could be misconstrued.” – Anonymous participant

I liked how it focused on concrete actions and behaviors we could use immediately, not theory.” – Ashley Penney

And other attendees learned new ways to think about and respond to sexism in general:

Smiling woman

Workshop leader Valerie Aurora

“The most useful thing I got out of the class was the underlying notion of asserting and defending community values when responding to sexism, rather than addressing the responsible individual directly.” – Anonymous participant

While the workshop is aimed at teaching ally skills to men, it works best with at least 20% women in attendance, so we welcome people of all genders at the workshop!

Sounds like something you’d like to learn? Sign up for the Ally Skills Workshop at LinuxCon now. If you can’t attend LinuxCon, contact us at to find out how you can run the workshop at your workplace.

LinuxCon features several other events to support women and newcomers in Linux, including the First Time Attendees’ Reception and the Women in OSS luncheon. The Ada Initiaive’s Executive Director will be attending as many of these events as possible as well as teaching the Ally Skills Workshop.

Looking forward to seeing you at LinuxCon and the Ally Skills Workshop!

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Allies workshop discussion