Will trade stickers for blog posts: Get the "Not afraid to say the F-word: FEMINISM" sticker

This offer expired September 15.

Stickers and other fundraising thank you gifts available to donors of $128 or more (or $10 per month) until October 8, 2014. Support women in open technology and culture today!

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Sticker reading "Not afraid to say the F-WORD: FEMINISM adainitiative.org" on a colorful laptop skinAre you excited about the new Ada Initiative “Not afraid to say the F-word: FEMINISM” sticker, but can’t donate $128 right now? Did you already donate in 2014 and want to get the sticker without donating again? Do you want to support women in open technology and culture some way other than donating? You can!

We will send you a feminist sticker pack if:

  • You write a blog post after today about how the Ada Initiative has affected you, and ask people to donate in it, or
  • You already donated $128 or more in 2014 and promise to share photos of your stickers on social media, or
  • Someone at the Ada Initiative sent you this link and told you to get free stickers

Or you can donate $128 now and get your F-word stickers the old-fashioned way!

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Three women smiling, CC BY-SA Jenna Saint Martin PhotoOffer expires September 15, 2014. If you’re not sure what to write in a blog post, we have helpful hints on our “Spread the word” page. And yes, we ship internationally!