Librarians use cats, dresses, and good humor to raise over $20,000 for the Ada Initiative in 7 days!

4-year-old girl wearing a dress and smiling

$15,000 challenge: Why is librarian Chris Bourg posting pictures of herself in a dress at age 4?

Donors to the libraries campaign (listed by permission only)

Amy F. Bocko
Amy Kautzman
Andrea Snyder
Andy Shuping
Ayla Stein
B. Albritton
Beth Warner
Bill Landis
Bobbi Fox
Bruce Washburn
Candy Schwartz
Cecily Walker
Chris Adams
Chris Strauber
Coral Sheldon-Hess
Courtney C. Mumma, Artefactual Systems, Inc.
Dan Cohen
Dan Scott
David D
Declan Fleming
Derek Merleaux
Desert Librarian
Diane Shaw
Dorothea Salo
Ed Summers
Elizabeth Skene
Eric Phetteplace
Erin White
Francis Kayiwa
Galen Charlton
Grace Dunbar
Jackie Dooley
Jaclyn Bedoya
Jacob Berg
janet carleton
Jason Casden
Jason Griffey
Jen Weintraub
Jen Young
Jennifer Vinopal
Jim DelRosso
Jodi Berkowitz
Johanna Carll
John Mark Ockerbloom
Jon Kiparsky
Jonathan Rochkind
Julie C. Swierczek
Kathleen Quinton
Kathy Lussier
Keri Cascio
Kevin Reiss
Kevin Stranack
Lisa Snider
Margaret Heller
Mark Beatty
Matt Critchlow
Maura Smale
May Yan
Meg Ecclestone
Merrilee Proffitt
Michael Perry
Mike Giarlo
Nadia Dixson
Netanel Ganin
Patricia Hswe
Patrick Lam
Paul Bracke
Peter Murray
Polly-Alida Farrington
Rachel Frick
Ralph LeVan
Robin Champieux
Ross Singer
Roy Tennant
Samantha Hines
Sarah Shreeves
Sarah Simpkin
Scott Hanrath
Shana L. McDanold
Sharon E. Farb
Sibyl Schaefer
steev’n villereal
Tara Robertson
Trevor Munoz

and 59 anonymous donors

When Bess Sadler, Andromeda Yelton, Chris Bourg, and Mark Matienzo pledged to match up to $5120 donated by librarians to the Ada Initiative, they hoped to reach their goal in 6 days. Instead, they met it in less than 24 hours! But they didn’t stop there – they announced stretch goals that grew to over $15,000. As of this post, they are only a few hundred dollars away from the latest goal: $16,384 to create a cat-themed skin for an open source online library catalog system.

All told, the library community has raised over $21,000 in just 7 days for the Ada Initiative. Join them in donating now (libraries campaign link here):

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We are still in awe of the way that the library community has mobilized in support of our work – and taken the lead when it comes to putting the Ada Initiative’s work into practice. For example, Stanford University Libraries is the only organization we know of with an official written policy strongly encouraging its employees to only attend conferences with codes of conduct, and we look forward to teaching the Ally Skills Workshop at the Digital Libraries Forum in October. We hope that other open tech/culture communities will follow the library community’s lead!

We can’t thank you all enough for your collective support, your powerful words that bring attention to important issues in library tech as well as our work, and your sheer enthusiasm! We are also thrilled that you seemed to have a pretty good time doing it:

$16384 challenge: Cat theme for open source library software!

With the donations from the library community and the rest of our fundraising drive, we looking forward to running four AdaCamps in 2015, teaching even more Ally Skills Workshops, and much more!

A special thank you to Andromeda Yelton, Bess Sadler, Chris Bourg, and Mark Matienzo for organizing this spectacularly successful donation campaign and joining in the matching challenge. Chris’s stretch challenges were unforgettable.

And our deepest gratitude to everyone who wrote blog posts for and donated to this campaign. Some of the many related blog posts are here (thanks Galen Charlton for collecting these):

Join the library community in supporting women in open technology today! If you donate $128 or more, you will get our new “Not afraid to say the F-word: Feminism” sticker, too!

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