Python developers make $10,000 matching challenge to support women in Python!

Python developers Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Alex Gaynor, Carl Meyer, and Jim Meyer have banded together to issue a $10,000 matching challenge to the Python community! Read more about why they made this pledge:

Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Jacob Kaplan-Moss CC BY-SA Aidas Bendoraitis

Jacob Kaplan-Moss: “So, I’m eager see the Python community step up and support the Ada Initiative. By donating, you’ll accomplish two things: 1. You’ll prove that the Python community stands for equality and inclusiveness, and against harassment, abuse, and hate. 2. Your financial support will arm an organization dedicated to inclusiveness, and one that’s having steady, measurable success.”

Alex Gaynor: “The best hope we have for building programs that are respectful of the agency of our users is for the people who use them to be represented by the people who build them. To get there, we need to create an industry where harassment and abuse are simply unacceptable. It’s a long road, but the Ada Initiative does fantastic work to pursue these goals (particularly in the open source community, which is near and dear to me).”

80 women cheering and wearing many different colors

Almost 96 women at AdaCamp!
CC BY-SA Jenna Saint Martin Photo

Carl Meyer: “I attended my first PyCon in 2008, and I’ve been to every one since. I gave my first PyCon talk in 2011. That year, 1% of the talks were by women; ninety-five out of ninety-six by men. Being one of those ninety-five helped me to launch a career in open-source software. Ninety-odd other men got that same opportunity that year; one woman did.”

They were joined by Lynn Root, Noah Kantrowitz, and, of course, the creator of the Python programming language Guido Van Rossum in supporting the Ada Initiative’s work. Check out the #python4ada hashtag on Twitter for more. Donate now and help them reach their goal:

Donate now

You have until midnight, Friday September 26, 2014 to donate to this campaign and help us unlock another $10,000 to support women in open technology!

Note: You may have noticed the donation counter go backwards. This is not a bug – we chose to refund a large donation to the Python fundraising campaign by a person has harassed some of the Ada Initiative staff and been explicitly asked not to contact us again. In accordance with our sponsorship policy, we have refunded their donation. We are sure the Python community can reach this matching goal anyway!