Python community close to raising $25,000 to support women in open technology and culture!

Pythonistas did it! With an additional anonymous donation of $2,000 from a security bug bonus plus $10,000 in matching donations, the Python community has raised over $24,385 for the Ada Initiative! We created a new donation counter with the $10,000 of matching donations included. Now we’re wondering, can the Python community reach $25,000?

Two people sitting on a couch with laptops, one with a PyLadies sticker

Guido van Rossum and Lynn Root

Python developer Lynn Root still has a challenge open: if another 5 people send her a screenshot of their donation to the Ada Initiative, she will donate an additional $500, on top of the $500 she has already donated. Here’s why Lynn supports the Ada Initiative:

It is because of the Ada Initiative that I felt inspired & empowered to bring their Ally Skills Workshop to Spotify as part of our internal diversity training. I took the workshop back in March of 2014; it left me feeling prepared and comfortable to handle uncomfortable and awkward situations, even though the workshop is meant for men. I have since been working hard with our internal diversity working group to integrate such a workshop into new hire orientation.

Thank you again Python developers Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Alex Gaynor, Carl Meyer, and Jim Meyer for their inspiring $10,000 matching challenge to the Python community!

Donate now

The Python challenge ends on midnight, Friday September 26, 2014, but you can donate to the Ada Initiative’s yearly fundraising drive and get our Feminist Sticker Pack through October 8, 2014!