You already raised $100,000 for the Ada Initiative's work for women in open tech/culture, help us raise another $50,000!

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We can hardly believe it – you’ve already donated over $100,000 to support women in open technology and culture! With 9 days to go in our 2014 fundraising drive, we challenge you to join us in raising another $50,000 for the Ada Initiative’s important work! Donate now and spread the word:

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One year ago, you gave just over $100,000 for women in open tech/culture during the Ada Initiative’s yearly fundraising drive. With that funding, we organized three AdaCamps on three different continents, taught 15 Ally Skills Workshops, developed our Impostor Syndrome Training into a standalone program, and helped dozens of community and conference organizers adopt and enforce codes of conduct.

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Impostor Syndrome training at AdaCamp
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Imagine what we can do with $150,000! We’re already planning so much for the coming year: four AdaCamps, dozens of Ally Skills Workshops, and the launch of our full-scale, standalone Impostor Syndrome training program to help women in open technology and culture overcome the messages telling them, “You aren’t good enough to do that.” If you meet this challenge to raise $150,000, we make this promise: we will give away half the seats in our first two Impostor Syndrome Workshops for free (one in the San Francisco Bay Area, one in Sydney).

Here’s why we think $150,000 is achievable: This year, in the first 21 days, librarians alone raised over $20,000, Python programmers raised over $25,000, functional programmers over $12,000, scientists and academics over $5,000, and science fiction and fantasy fans nearly $3,000. They had fun doing it – and directly helped women in their communities at the same time.

With your help, 2015 will be an amazing year for women in open technology and culture! Take a minute to donate now and spread the word. Our 2014 donation drive ends Wednesday, October 8!

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