Help bring the Ada Initiative's Ally Skills Workshop to Skepticon 7!

Smiling woman

Valerie Aurora, Ada Initiative co-founder

Skeptics are raising $5,000 for the Ada Initiative by October 8th – and if we succeed, our executive director, Valerie Aurora, will teach an Ally Skills Workshop at Skepticon 7! The Ally Skills Workshop teaches men simple ways to fight sexism in their everyday lives, and people love it. Sound exciting? Read on to find out how you can help bring the Ally Skills Workshop to Skepticon!

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Here’s what Lauren Lane of Skepticon has to say on why they support the Ada Initiative:

“The Ada Initiative does so much amazing stuff, like offer anti-harassment policies used by hundreds of conferences, give out out information about ally skills for men so women don’t have to fight sexism alone, host feminist conferences for women to share lessons learned and support each other, and are doing amazing work training women to fight Impostor Syndrome and stay involved in open tech/culture. In short, these people are totally kickass and we need them.[Emphasis theirs]

Are you excited yet?? We are, we have heard so much about how fun skeptic conferences are, and Valerie can’t wait to meet Stephanie Zvan, PZ Myers, and everyone else we’ve worked with over the years!

If you’d like to help bring the Ally Skills Workshop to Skepticon, here’s what you can do:

Donate now (I know, obvious).

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Thank you for your help, and hope to see you at Skepticon!