New stretch goal: T-shirts with "Not afraid to say the F-word: Feminism" logo!

A black t shirt with the text "Not afraid to say the F-word: feminism"

Wow!!! We had to scramble to put together a new stretch goal after our first stretch goal was met in less than 36 hours! Here’s what we came up with for a $200,000 stretch goal:

T-shirts. Specifically, feminist t-shirts. Specifically, feminist t-shirts with the words “Not afraid to say the F-word: Feminism” using the design from our new sticker on a black background, in a wide range of straight and fitted sizes to fit a variety of body types.

If we reach our $200,000 stretch goal by Wednesday midnight Pacific time, we will offer these t-shirts as thank-you gifts for donations on our web site later this year in time for December gift-giving. We’re not sure what level of donation the t-shirt will be a reward for yet (grumble grumble complicated IRS donation rules) but we do know we will offer them retroactively to people who donated $1024 or more in 2014. If that excites you, donate now (and get matching F-word stickers to tide you over):

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80 women cheering and wearing many different colors, CC BY-SA Jenna Saint Martin Photo

Happy AdaCampers!
CC BY-SA Jenna Saint Martin Photo

Raising $200,000 will let us scale up our programs to meet the existing demand for them. All three AdaCamps this year sold out weeks early, we’re booked with Ally Skills Workshops through to January, and we expect our first standalone Impostor Syndrome Training classes to sell out too!

We’re already operating at maximum capacity, so to run enough AdaCamps and training classes for everyone who wants them, we’ll need to hire and train more staff. Raising $200,000 will let the Ada Initiative expand to meet the demand for our programs – and give us the time to design and make the very best feminist propaganda possible (like this t-shirt).

Smiling woman

Amelia Greenhall, designer and feminist activist

We will work with the designer of this logo, Amelia Greenhall, to tweak the final design a bit, so the final shirts may not look exactly like this. In particular, we are (perhaps over-optimistically) trying to figure out how to make a shirt that works for breastfeeding, and we generally avoid putting design elements across the breasts. As usual, we will follow the guidelines for feminist t-shirts as laid out on the Geek Feminism wiki and publicized by Alex “Skud” Bayley – highly recommended reading if your organization or conference makes t-shirts! But it will be a black t-shirt with these words and design elements, and we can’t wait to try one on!

Help the Ada Initiative expand – and maybe your wardrobe as well! Donate now:

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Sticker reading "Not afraid to say the F-WORD: FEMINISM" on a colorful laptop skin