T-shirts are here! "Not Afraid to Say the F-Word: Feminism"

Gray/black shirt with "Not afraid to say the F-word: Feminism" printed in white

Shirt color will be heathered charcoal

As we promised, we are offering a new thank-you gift: t-shirts with our “Not Afraid to Say the F-word: Feminism” logo! To get your “F-word” t-shirt, just donate $256 or more to support women in open tech/culture before January 1, 2015.

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People who donate before Nov 30th can get their shirts delivered to U.S. addresses by Dec. 24th, in time for the holidays! International donors can get shirts too (no extra cost), but we can’t make any promises about when they’ll arrive. These t-shirts will only be available until the end of the year, so don’t miss them!

80 women cheering and wearing many different colors, CC BY-SA Jenna Saint Martin Photo

Happy AdaCampers!
CC BY-SA Jenna Saint Martin Photo

The t-shirts are heathered charcoal with white printing and made by District Clothing, who are committed to conducting business in a socially responsible manner. Fitted shirts are available up to a chest measurement of 53″, and straight cut shirts are available up to a chest measurement of 55″.

2014 is winding up as an amazing year for the Ada Initiative. We’re holding AdaCamps on three continents (two of them for the first time). We’ve taught the Ally Skills Workshop to more than two hundred people, and trained more than a dozen others to bring it to their own communities. We’ve increased the number of conferences and communities covered by our anti-harassment policies and codes of conduct, and continued to provide free consulting to companies and organizations on implementing these policies in their communities and responding to incidents when they happen.

Thanks to your incredible support during our 2014 fundraising drive, we’re looking forward to doing even more next year! More AdaCamps, more Ally Skills Workshops, more Impostor Syndrome training, and more anti-harassment work, all made possible by your support. We made these fun t-shirts to thank you, so one last time: Thank you!

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