Thanks to you, 2014 was another huge year for the Ada Initiative!

Happy December! We come with good news for women in open technology and culture, and we hope you’re as happy about it as we are!

a group of AdaCamp Bangalore attendees

AdaCamp Bangalore attendees

Since our last update in mid-2014, we announced that we are growing by hiring a new executive director, a Linux kernel contributor donated $100,000, we ran 2 more AdaCamps (for a total of 3 AdaCamps on 3 continents), and taught 9 more Ally Skills Workshops. Keep reading for more details, and thanking you for being part of another fantastic year for women in open technology and culture!

The Ada Initiative is growing! Help our search for our new Executive Director!

Valerie Aurora and Mary Gardiner founded the Ada Initiative in 2011 to increase the participation and status of women in open technology and culture. After decades of seeing volunteers burning out, they wanted to know: if we applied the feminist principle of paying people for their work to our activism, could we make more progress for women in open tech/culture? The answer: unequivocally yes!

When we reviewed our programs late this year, we realized that there was more demand for our work than we had the ability to supply. Each of our AdaCamp unconferences, held on three continents this year, sold out several weeks earlier than expected. Our Ally Skills Workshops are booked solid into 2015. And we can’t launch our standalone Impostor Syndrome Training soon enough for everyone emailing us about it!

That’s why we’ve just announced the search for our most important hire yet: a new Executive Director, who will lead the Ada Initiative as we grow to 5 – 15 staff members over the next few years. We’re so excited to meet the person who will take the Ada Initiative to the next level!

Anonymous Linux kernel contributor gives $100,000 to support women in Linux

A woman explains while a man listens

Ally Skills Workshop discussion

In mid-December, we were proud to announce that, on top of the $215,000 given by 1100 donors in our 2014 fundraising drive, a Linux kernel contributor who wishes to remain anonymous gave $100,000 to help us create a Linux community that is more diverse and more inclusive than proprietary software, not less. Linux is the world’s leading free and open source software project, and serves as a model to other open source software projects around the world.

Thanks to this donation, the Ada Initiative will be able to teach 4 Ally Skills Workshops at Linux-related conferences free of charge in 2015, and give 100 hours of free consulting to Linux-related organizations working on making the community more welcoming. If your Linux-related conference or organization is interested in either of these offers, email us at

Ally Skills Workshops for all!

Our Ally Skills Workshops are going from strength to strength. Since June 2014, we have run 9 more workshops teaching over 160 people how to respond to (or prevent) sexism in their communities, including one at the Skepticon conference for skeptics and atheists. We are now scheduling Ally Skills Workshops starting in January 2015. If your organization or event is interested in an Ally Skills Workshop, email us at

Three AdaCamps on three continents!

80 women cheering and wearing many different colors, CC BY-SA Jenna Saint Martin Photo

Happy AdaCampers!
CC BY-SA Jenna Saint Martin Photo

We’ve been delighted this year to gather women in open technology and culture not only in the United States, but in Germany and India too! Learn more about our 2014 AdaCamps in the post-event reports for AdaCamp Portland, AdaCamp Berlin, and AdaCamp Bangalore!

And keep an eye out for the of our 2015 locations, coming soon!

Pssst, don’t tell anyone who hasn’t read this in a public blog post and widely distributed email but we think we can say this: we’re working to bring AdaCamp to Montréal just after a certain major programming language conference in April! Later in the year, we’re hoping to announce AdaCamps in Central America, the US West Coast and Australia/New Zealand. Stay tuned for announcements!

Supporting our work in 2015


2015 will be another huge leap forward for the Ada Initiative and women in open technology and culture. We’re shortly announcing 2015’s AdaCamps and the availability of our Impostor Syndrome training workshops, with more to come!

Your end of year gift will let us provide low-cost tickets and travel grants to AdaCampers, develop Ally Skills and Impostor Syndrome training materials and provide free consulting to open technology and culture programs and events on how to include women contributors.

And if you donate $256 (or $20 monthly) before January 1, we will give you one of our beautiful “Not Afraid to Say the F-word: Feminism” t-shirts!

Donate now

If you’ve donated already in 2014, you can still help out: your employer’s matching program just might double your donationOur donation FAQ has the info your employer may need to match your gift. You often need to make a matching requests soon after the year ends, so check your employer’s program today.

We hope you’re looking forward to finding out what 2015 holds as much as we are!

For those of you making end-of-year donations to charity, the Ada Initiative is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit. Your donation may be tax-deductible in the U.S. For general information, see our donation FAQ, but please ask your tax advisor for individual advice.