Support diversity in Linux by attending an Ally Skills Workshop at SCALE 13x

SCALE 13 logoDo you think diversity in Linux is important? Would you like to be part of changing the culture of Linux to be more welcoming to women, newcomers, and marginalized people? You can help by attending the Ally Skills Workshop at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE 13x) on February 20th, 2015, in Los Angeles, California, thanks to an anonymous donation of $100,000 to the Ada Initiative from a Linux kernel developer.

The Ally Skills Workshop teaches men how to support women in their workplaces and communities, by effectively speaking up when they see sexism, creating discussions that allow more voices to be heard, and learning how to prevent sexism and unwelcoming behavior in the first place. The changes that reduce sexism also make communities more welcoming, productive, and creative.

A woman explains while a man listens

Ally Skills Workshop discussion

The workshop is free of charge to all attendees of SCALE 13x with a full access pass. You can attend by signing up through the form on the event page. If you haven’t already registered for SCALE 13x, you can get a 50% discount on your full access pass with discount code ADA15, for a total price of $35 (register here).

The workshop is made possible by the generosity of an anonymous Linux kernel developer who donated $100,000 to the Ada Initiative last year in order to support women in Linux and greater diversity in open source software overall. This is only the first of four workshops we will be teaching at Linux-related conferences in 2015 at no charge to the organizers. Contact us if you would like your conference to host an Ally Skills Workshop.

Here are a few things people have said after attending other Ally Skills Workshops:

“We’ve run the [Ally Skills Workshop] 4 times and the impact has been fantastic. This workshop has been the catalyst for many ‘a­ha’ moments. People who understood bias exists in a very logical way, were able to see, through the conversation with peers about the very relevant scenarios, and connect emotionally with the impact bias has on the colleagues they respect and interact with daily.” – Anonymous participant

“I’ve already witnessed a couple of incidents where coworkers who attended the workshop corrected themselves after saying something that could be misconstrued.” – Anonymous participant

“Change is uncomfortable. This workshop helped me be comfortable about being uncomfortable. Once that is addressed it opens a path for improvement, personally and for our industry.” – Kris Amundson

You can be part of change in the Linux kernel development community! Sign up for the Ally Skills Workshop at SCALE 13x today!