There’s still time to join us for AdaCamp Montreal! Apply today!

AdaCamp Montreal is only six weeks away, on Monday April 13 and Tuesday April 14!

Photograph of Lachine Canal

by Emmanuel Huybrechts CC BY

We’re excited to have already invited over a hundred people to Montreal, but we still have places left and we want to have as many women in open tech and culture have the chance to attend AdaCamp Montreal as possible. Therefore, we’ve extended our deadline for for AdaCamp Montreal and we encourage you to apply today!

If you’re a woman involved in open technology and culture, apply now to attend AdaCamp Montreal.

Past attendees of AdaCamp have included fan works creators, open mapping volunteers, open source programmers, artists, tech feminists, online activists, Wikipedia editors, and more! Do you create technology or culture and share it widely for others to reuse, remix and improve? Do you identify as a woman in a way that is significant to you? Do you work for change for women in your community and want to share strategies? AdaCamp Montreal wants you to apply!

Applications will absolutely close on Sunday, March 22, 2015 — or earlier if we fill all our spaces — so get yours in ASAP!

About AdaCamp

AdaCamp is a conference dedicated to increasing women’s participation in open technology and culture: open source software, Wikipedia-related projects, open data, open geo, library technology, fan fiction, remix culture, and more. AdaCamp brings women together over two days to build community, share skills, discuss problems with open tech/culture communities that affect women, and find ways to address them.

AdaCamp is the world’s only event focusing on women in open technology and culture, and is a project of the Ada Initiative, a non-profit supporting women in open technology and culture. Both are named after Countess Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer. Attendance at AdaCamp is by invitation, with applications open to the public. Attendees will be selected based on experience in open tech/culture, experience or knowledge of feminism and advocacy, ability to collaborate with others, and any rare or notable experience or background that would add to AdaCamp.

AdaCamp Montreal will be the seventh AdaCamp, and will be held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on April 13–14, 2015, immediately following PyCon, the world’s biggest Python conference. Applications to attend AdaCamp Montreal are open until March 22, unless sold out prior.