Apply now for the Ally Skills Workshop Train-the-Trainers at WisCon 2015

A woman explains while a man listens

Ally Skills Workshop discussion

Do you think diversity in tech and geek communities is important? Would you like to be part of changing the culture to be more welcoming to women, newcomers, and marginalized people? Are you excited by the idea of teaching men how to be better allies to women in your community? Do you enjoy challenging and fast-paced discussion about intersectional feminism? Then the Ally Skills Workshop Train-the-Trainers is for you!

Our popular Ally Skills Workshop teaches men how to support women in simple, everyday ways in a 2-3 hour workshop focused around small discussion groups. Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Ada Initiative’s supporters, we are able to teach up to 15 people how to lead this workshop at WisCon 2015 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA on May 21st, 2015.

In the workshop, you will learn both how to teach the workshop and the reasoning behind the structure of the workshop, which will help you design other ways to fight sexism in your community. All the workshop materials are licensed CC BY-SA and are reusable and modifiable for any purpose, so you can teach the workshop without getting permission from or paying a fee to anyone. By learning how to facilitate this workshop yourself, you can help combat sexism on an even larger scale!

WisconThe Train-the-Trainers workshop will be held Thursday, May 21st, 2015 from 10:00am to 5:00pm in the Madison Concourse Hotel. Lunch break (on your own) will be from 12:00pm – 1:30pm, and we will provide gluten-free and vegan afternoon snacks. The workshop is free of charge to attendees and open to everyone. While you do not need to be registered for WisCon to attend, we strongly encourage all participants in the Train-the-Trainers workshop to purchase a WisCon membership, which begin as low as $15 for a non-attending membership. We could not hold this workshop without the support and organization provided by WisCon, the world’s leading feminist science fiction convention.

We have limited space for 15 participants in the Train-the-Trainers workshop at WisCon 2015, and attendance is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applications are now open, and we encourage people of all genders to attend. In order to support participants of all genders without calling unwanted attention to their gender expression, we will ask all workshop participants to wear a name tag with their name and pronouns on it. We will turn down applications from people with a history of harassing behavior.

If you would like to attend, please apply here. We will email you within 5 business days to let you know of your acceptance. Thank you for being part of supporting women in open technology and culture!

Note: We are aware of the ongoing conversation about harassment within the WisCon community and support the people working to make WisCon a safer and more supportive organization and event. We are excited about WisCon’s new anti-abuse policies and procedures and are glad to be part of the on-going movement to make science fiction and fantasy fandom more welcoming and inclusive.