Ada Initiative welcomes Amelia Greenhall and Andrea Horbinski to our board of directors

The Ada Initiative’s governing board of directors, responsible for running our organization, welcomes our new directors Amelia Greenhall and Andrea Horbinski. Amelia and Andrea are existing members of our advisors group, and both bring us officer experience from other non-profits.

Photo of Amelia Greenhall

Amelia Greenhall is the Chief Creative Officer of Magic Vibes Corporation. She’s also the cofounder and Executive Director of Double Union, a non-profit feminist community workshop, and she publishes the Open Review Quarterly literary journal.

Woman smiling

Andrea Horbinski is a PhD candidate in history and new media at UC Berkeley. She is Secretary of the Board of the Organization for Transformative Works and the co-chair of Wiscon 40 in 2016.

The Ada Initiative also welcomes Sue Gardner back to the board of directors. Sue originally served as a director from 2011 until April 2014 and returns in 2015. Together, Amelia, Andrea and Sue comprise our officers in 2015; Amelia as President, Andrea as Secretary and Sue as Treasurer. They join continuing directors Rachel Chalmers, Mary Gardiner, Alicia Gibb, and Marina Zhurakhinskaya on the board for 2015.

This board transition is a significant milestone for the Ada Initiative, as one of our outgoing directors is Valerie Aurora, Ada Initiative co-founder, who served as both Executive Director and Board President from 2011 to 2015. We’re excited as an organization to be in a position to move beyond being governed by our founders! As announced in March, while she’s stepping down from her positions at the head of the organization, Valerie continues on our staff as the Director of Training under new Executive Director Crystal Huff. Our other co-founder, Mary Gardiner, remains as a board member and staff member. Mary intends to retire from the board in 2016.

We also thank our other outgoing directors, Sumana Harihareswara (2014–2015) and Caroline Simard (2012–2015) for their hard work on behalf of the Ada Initiative during their terms, and wish them good luck with their many other projects.