Free Ally Skills Workshop at ACM ICFP in Vancouver on August 30

If you are attending the ACM ICFP conference on programming languages in Vancouver, you can apply to attend a free Ally Skills Workshop at ICFP on August 30 from 1:30pm – 4:30pm!

A woman explains while a man listens

Ally Skills Workshop discussion

The Ally Skills Workshop teaches men simple, everyday ways to support women in their workplaces and communities. Participants learn techniques that work at the office, in classrooms, at conferences, and online. The skills we teach are relevant everywhere, including skills particularly relevant to open technology and culture communities. At the end of the tutorial, participants will feel more confident in speaking up to support women, be more aware of the challenges facing women in their workplaces and communities, and have closer relationships with the other participants.

This tutorial will be tailored to the ICFP community and intended to be useful for those working in academia, in industry, and as open-source volunteers. You can learn more about the workshop here, and apply to attend here.

This workshop is free to attendees of ICFP thanks to the generosity of the conference organizers. This workshop could not have happened without the volunteer work and advocacy of Tim Chevalier, a long-time leader in the functional programming community and supporter of the Ada Initiative. Thank you all for your support and hope to see you at the workshop!