Sponsors and supporters

The Ada Initiative makes so much progress for women in open technology and culture because we pay people to work on solutions as their primary job. Everything we've been able to accomplish would not have been possible without the generous financial support of our many sponsors and donors. Thank you!

For more information on becoming a sponsor, email us at sponsors@adainitiative.org. You can also donate now. You can read our sponsorship policy here.

Major sponsors

Major sponsors contribute $10,000 USD or more a year and are deeply committed to supporting women in open technology and culture. Their contributions allow us to make substantial progress on our programs.

Silver sponsors

Silver sponsors have donated $20,000 USD or more.

Google employees have donated and requested gift matching for over $30,000 USD since June 2011. Thank you, Googlers!

Bronze sponsors

Bronze sponsors have donated $10,000 USD or more.


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Angel funders

Our Angel funders were the first funders of the Ada Initiative, supporting us from January to May 2011 by donating $5,000 USD each. Thank you to our Angel funders for their early faith in the Ada Initiative!

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Puppet Labs


Venture Philanthropist funders

Our Venture Philanthropist funders have donated $2,000 or more.


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Leigh Honeywell

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Linux Foundation

Atlassian employee gift matching program.

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Seed 100 funders

Seed 100 funders were 100 individual donors to the Ada Initiative, who donated in June 2011 to support our program development and major sponsorship drive.

Contributing sponsors

Corporate donors who contributed $500 or more.

Individual donors

Individual donors contribute through our online fundraising campaigns and show broad support for the Ada Initiative's work. We have over 700 individual donors! You can become one now by donating here. Individual donors will be recognised publicly, with their permission.

Donors in kind

Donors in kind have donated professional services, helped with travel expenses, given free conference registrations, or otherwise supported the Ada Initiative with gifts and services.