This is a selection of Ada Initiative’s best writing on women in open technology and culture. Most articles are available Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike for you to republish, edit and update in your own publications and for your own communities!

Example advisory board guidelines, April 2017.

AdaCamp Toolkit, July 2015.

Conference anti-harassment work in skeptic communities, 2014 edition: more victims speak out as the world takes notice, October 2014.

Conference anti-harassment work in SF&F, 2014 edition: N. K. Jemisin’s speech, Hugo battles, Frenkel saga & more, September 2014.

Sponsorship policy and Announcing Ada Initiative’s sponsorship policy, August 2014.

Handling harassment incidents swiftly and safely, July 2014.

The Ada Initiative founders on funding activism for women in open source, Model View Culture, April 2014 (republished on the Ada Initiative blog under a Creative Commons licence, June 2014).

Breaking the Unicorn Law: Stop asking women in open tech/culture about women in open tech/culture, March 2014.

HOWTO design a code of conduct for your community, February 2014

Lightning reviews for lightning talks: another easy way to make your conference better, October 2013.

Impostor Syndrome-Proof Yourself and Your Community, USENIX blog, October 2013 (earlier version on the Ada Initiative blog, August 2013).

Deleting Ada Lovelace from the history of computing, August 2013 (earlier version, October 2012).

Conference anti-harassment campaigns do work: Three existence proofs from SF&F, atheism/skepticism, and open source, August 2013.

Another way to attract women to conferences: photography policies, July 2013.

Adria Richards’ story shows how sexual harassment endures in tech community, Slate, March 2013.

Take the pledge: Don’t serve on all-male panels, January 2013.

Ending sexism in hacker culture: A work in progress, January 2013 (German translation)

Connecting the dots: “Everyday” sexism and the École Polytechnique massacre, December 2012.

Open source software: Open to all?, October 2012.

Why publicize your conference policies? Hint: it does 90% of the work for you, October 2012.

How stopping conference harassment changes open/tech communities at all levels, October 2012.

Harassment report at your conference: what do you do???, October 2012.

When sex and porn are on-topic at conferences: Keeping it women-friendly, September 2012.

DEFCON: Why conference harassment matters, August 2012.

Why we need more women in open source: the founder gap, Women 2.0, December 2011 (earlier version on the Ada Initiative blog, December 2011).