What we do

Two women smiling, one with a t-shirt that reads "I edit Wikipedia" and one wearing an Ada Initiative button

CC BY-SA Adam Novak

The Ada Initiative supports women in open technology and culture through activities such as producing codes of conduct and anti-harassment policies, advocating for gender diversity, teaching ally skills, and hosting conferences for women in open tech/culture. Most of what we create is freely available, reusable, and modifiable under Creative Commons licenses.

The Ada Initiative is a non-profit organization currently employing three staff and half a dozen contractors. Our ground-breaking work is only possible with the generous support of people like you.

What we’ve accomplished

Since our founding in early 2011, we’ve worked with the community on practical, high-impact programs that directly recruit and retain women in open tech/culture. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

Future programs

With your support, we can expand our programs!

Netha Hussain

  • Resources for event organizers: Help organizers reach out to female speakers, attract more women to your event, and broaden your audience in general.
  • Support community codes of conduct: Advise and assist open tech/culture community leaders on creating and adopting codes of conduct for their communities.
  • Gender diversity program design: Share best practices and avoid common pitfalls for gender diversity programs and initiatives.

If your organization is particularly interested in one of these programs and would like to discuss sponsoring or partnering with the Ada Initiative to work on it, please contact us at donors@adainitiative.org.